Chrissy Metz Weight Loss

The cute and chubby Chrissy Metz is a talent that can never go unnoticed. Most of us know her as Ruby of This is Us- the series that helped her build an identity in the television world.

But apart from her character; we often wonder how the life of off-screen Chrissy Metz is?

Chrissy Metz Weight Loss

That is, how difficult it is for an obese woman to survive and live head high in this beauty obsessed society.

Of late, Chrissy has been in the news for some ‘healthy’ reasons. As per the sources, the 37 years old has braced for a serious transformation and is sure to give her fans some great news sooner. 

It is said that Metz’s character as Ruby is demanding a change and to cope up with the demands, the actress is directed towards weight loss.

As per our assumptions, transforming herself would be a good idea for the boost in her career and specifically for the growth of her role in This is us, however, we just cannot ignore the pressure she would be facing these days.

It is indeed, unfair of the producers to demand such a major physical change, but considering her unhealthy weight, we doubt it is a blessing in disguise.

This is US StarOf course, obesity never comes alone, it actually serves as a host in your body and tends to invite other serious complications from time to time.

Hence, dealing with it, due to any xyz concern, sounds justifiable to us.

Where Chrissy Metz weight loss stories are surrounded with positivity, the telly star herself is encircled with people that are too supportive and helping.

Chrissy in an interview expressed her pleasure over the support of friends and family she has with her.

Even though, there is a long way to go, yet, she feels she has won.

According to Chrissy, she has yet not observed a major bulging in the scale, however, is expected to notice in the coming days ahead.

It is important to add that Ruby’s transformation in This is us is meant to boost the character’s confidence and encourage her to create many other positive changes.

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Age: 37
Height: 1.65 (5.4”)
Weight: 181kg (400lbs)
Measurements: 47-50-46 inches.


Surviving in the entertainment industry where the physical appearance of a person weighs more than its ability to engage the audience is difficult.

And Chrissy’s case is no different. Being a plus-sized woman challenged her in many ways, particularly when she headed towards Hollywood.

Thus, a role in the TV series ‘This is us’ came across as a great opportunity for the woman.

Chrissy, who has taken the obligation way too positively, is up for the change- well, that’s what a professional actor does!

Some websites also claim she used “Garcinia Cambogia and Apple Cider Vinegar Diet” for get slim body before surgery.


Chrissy is in no mood to go off the route. She desires slimming, but not through unhealthy means.

Chrissy Metz

According to her, her weapons for the war are balanced nutrition and workouts- the traditional methods that promote safe reduction.

The actress does not mind slimming at a slow pace, neither expect significant cut-down. Chrissy Metz weight is 400lbs now, and so, it will take her a great deal of patience to observe a dramatic change.

Well, she is fine with the gradual, but progressive reduction in weight. Thankfully, the story-line too, matches with her thoughts. That is, we will be seeing a moderate, but continual decline in Ruby’s weight.

Referring to her contract demanding weight loss, the telly star stated that it is actually motivating when people are concerned about your progress, contrary to when it is only you connected.

She feels happy portraying a character that is relatable to the audiences and spreads positivity for others. It is a character that is very much real with hopes and desires all of us have.

Some insiders have revealed that the current Chrissy Metz diet is very strict.

Chrissy Metz diet pillsShe has completely given up fast foods and is only focusing on nutritious meals.

On Chrissy Metz workout, we have been informed that the celebrity has been giving straight 35 minutes to the gym and is sweating too hard.

Well, it will be quite interesting to witness Chrissy enjoying the fruit of her hard labor.

Till time, let’s keep our fingers crossed!


Chrissy Metz is lucky enough to have a great guidance through Milo Ventimiglia.

Milo, who is also her Co-star in This is us, has been thoroughly supporting her in the gym.

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He too, has been working out for many years and is in a good shape too.

It has been informed that Jack has assisted her to learn an exercise by the name Rise. Interestingly, the actor himself has been following the same move and is sure to bear fruit for Chrissy.


Chrissy, despite being on the run to shed weight, seems positive and in love with her body.

According to her, she has dealt with the situation many a times in her life, but has never been this positive before.

Chrissy Metz is particularly active on her Twitter account; hence, her fans can easily connect to her through it.

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